Sunday School

Every Sunday between church services at 9:30 when the church meets in Rocklin, Sunday School for children and Bible class for young adults to seniors is available. Bible study and topical classes begin at 9:30 in the education building and in the church building. 

Preschool and Kindergarten

The Preschool and Kindergarten classes weave Bible stories and age-appropriate arts and crafts into a fun, first Sunday School experience. Sunday School provides many young children their first opportunity to separate from their parents in a classroom environment.

1st through 6th

The 1st through 6th Grade Classes use a variety of means to help children understand the lessons behind the familiar Bible stories. Memory treasures are used to reinforce scriptural truths.

Grade 7 - 12

The youth class – Grades 7-12 – meets to study various current topics and Biblical books.

Adult Bible Class

Sunday morning adult Bible class, led by the pastors, include books of the Bible and topics of special interest.