Leaving in 8 hours

Dear Family and Friends,

OK, so a few weeks ago, it seemed like a good idea to save some money and fly out of San Francisco rather than Sacramento. Now that I am looking at the clock and realizing that a 6 AM flight out of SFO necessitates a 2 AM departure from Rocklin, I realize that sometimes saving money is not always the best idea.

And, having traveled to Africa 5 times already, one would think I would have this packing thing down to a science. But, NO, I still spent hours and hours (really, days and days) packing and repacking, trying to fit everything into a suitcase, a small backpack and a small carry on.  EEEKKK, the suitcase is over the weight limit by 5 pounds, so out comes the "food supply" of Hot Tamales, Sweet Tarts, almonds and peanuts. Who would have thought these essentials would add up to 5 pounds! Hhmmm….

But everything is packed, including 8 water filter kits, some wound care supplies, toothbrushes, gifts for people and a bunch of other stuff.  

For those of you who are not aware of what I will be doing this trip, here is the plan:

Leave Friday, June 22 and arrive Sunday, June 24. Spend a few days in Nairobi, particularly the slums of Kibera and Kawangware, working with deaconesses and visiting people we've visited in years past.  Fly to Tanzania to meet pastors and laity there and enter into a discussion of deaconesses in the church.
Fly back to Nairobi, then on to Kisumu and meet up with Pastor David Chuchu, Deaconess Lorna Meeker, and my new friend, Carrie, (from the U.S.) who will be helping us bring clean water by use of the Sawyer water filtration system. We will make visits with the deaconesses around Kisumu and show Carrie the "lay of the land".  After that, all the deaconesses will gather together and we will spend that week teaching them the Gospel of Luke and following up on the progress of the micro-lending project.  The last week will be spent making more home visits and catching up with deaconesses.

I will also be using the water filtration kit for my own personal drinking water, to demonstrate it's effectiveness. 

Thanks to everyone who has so generously contributed to this trip with money, prayers, supplies and support. I carry you all with me as I travel.
I pray that Christ will enable me and Dr. Just to be the hands and voice of mercy to people I have grown to love so much.  And, no matter how many times I have traveled to Kenya, I still get nervous. I still marvel at the gift of being able to return to this beautiful country. I still will miss my family and friends at home.

Always mercy,
Deaconess Pamela

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