clean water


Pastor David Chuchu and Dr. Arthur Just drilling holes in the plastic buckets. The first step of putting together the water filtration system.


The finished product at the offices of Diakonia Compassionate Ministries. Linda,on the right is the new purified water expert in Kenya!  It is so easy, it’s hard to believe. We are now drinking filtered water, saving money by not buying bottled water.


We brought a water filtration system to John, Helen and Owen. Carrie is putting it together while showing the family how to use it.  It was a much welcomed gift!


Carrie drinking the newly filtered water at John’s house. This will save the family money. They will no longer have to buy their water (which still isn’t clean), and will even be able to sell clean water if they need to make some money.


Can’t get enough of the beautiful children in Kenya. 


Carrie Beth and Pamela in front of DCM site.  While I’ve only known Carrie Beth since April, I feel as if I’ve known her for years!  The Kenyans loved her.

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