Service Information for May 10

Preparation for Sunday, May 10

The Lord be with you!

We are preparing for the 5th Sunday of Easter, and we wanted to write to you and make sure that you have all the details on how you may participate.

If you go to the above page, you should be able to see our Livestream on Sunday morning. We’ll be testing and playing around with it the 10 minutes or so beforehand, but Lord willing, we’ll have it all up and going by 9 a.m. You can access it on a phone or tablet or computer. The suggestion is that you use a computer, or even better still is put it up on a bigger screen.

The Service of the Word

This Sunday we will be doing the Service of the Word portion of the Divine Service. That means the confession and absolution, Introit, Kyrie, This is the Feast, Collect, Readings, and the like. We obviously cannot have the Lord’s Supper. But the Word will be proclaimed, God’s praises will be sung, and we will pray to our Lord for His mercy during this time of trial.

You may download and follow along in the bulletin by CLICKING HERE.  There is also a download button on the church website at

The service begins on page 151 of Lutheran Service Book. The readings are as follows:


  • 1st Reading: Acts 6:1–9; 7:2a, 51–60
  • Epistle: 1 Peter 2:2–10’
  • Gospel: John 14:1–14


  • 912 Christ Is Our Cornerstone
  • 633 At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
  • 861 Christ Be My Leader

Bible Class

We are continuing our study of Male and Female. This week, we’ll look at 1st Corinthians 6 and 7.

We hope that all of you are able to join us for this study at about 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. You may find the information about the Zoom class by going to our new page on our web site for all of our online classes. 

Zoom Bible Classes
Notice that you can find the times and login information for ALL of our online classes, all in one tidy place!

Holy Cross at Prayer

You can find today’s prayers on YouTube at Holy Cross at Prayer YouTube playlist