Sunday in Kisumu Kenya

Good morning,

I am sitting on my little terrace overlooking Lake Victoria, enjoying the cool morning breeze and taking in the stunning views here in Kisumu, while waiting to leave for church. Dr. Just will be preaching this morning, but not sure if it is the English service or the Swahili service. Often we don't know what is really going on until we are in the middle of things.  But, as many of you will be immersed in the Divine Service whether in California, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma….I find great joy and comfort in knowing we are united together  as we feast on His very body and blood in the Sacrament that binds us, His Church, together.

Time is running short, (and it seems to happen here more often than not). I have many photos and many stories to share and hope to be able to post more later.

Many thanks to Don Mertes, member of Kali's former church in Salem, Oregon, who is has graciously offered to buy lunch for Sarah, the 3 year old diabetic in Kawangware.  

Lorna Meeker and David and Mary Chuchu send their greetings and their love.

always mercy,

Deaconess Pamela

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