Photos from Kibera, Kenya


I found that I did indeed have a few photos from my first day making visits in the slums of Kibera, just outside the city of Nairobi. It was the second day I forgot to bring my camera.


This is the beauty of Kenya. A young girl at school eating lunch. Note the uniforms which are typical in Kenyan schools. This is the school at Springs of Life Church in Kibera, Nairobi. The church where Dennis Meeker used to be the pastor



 Deaconess Susan (we had lunch at her house on Tuesday. She is Masai and works to rescue girls from the ritual of FMG (female genital mutilation).  Sally, who is not a deaconess, but is HIV+ and works with widows and orphans.  Deaconess Caren (my close friend with whom I spent a week working in the slums in 2010), then Deaconess Pamela.




 Dr. Arthur Just with Nicholas, the man who was affected by TB and spends most of his day in bed. He is with his wife and daughter.



Me with Deaconess Mary Khianga’s son, Pasqual, in front of their chicken coop. He is 13 months old.


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