Out of Africa

After two days of traveling, including a 14 hour flight from Abu Dhabi, where the temperature at 7:00 A.M. was 104 with 100% humidity, I made it safely home around 10:15 on Saturday night. It is good to be home with family and with my Holy Cross family this morning at the Divine Service, especially at the Eucharist. Jet lag comes comes and goes, but I am feeling pretty good. I had wanted to post these photos before I left Kenya, but it didn’t happen.


Ringa Girls’ School. We celebrated the Divine Service with Pastor Mark Rabe and family as he said a tearful good-bye to these 300+ high school students.


Pastor Mark Rabe, Pastor David Chuchu, Stephanie Rabe


Pastor David Chuchu, holding Deaconess Pamela’s backpack….a tradition since 2006!


Pastor Chuchu and Pastor Rabe preparing for Holy Communion. Ringa girls in the background.


Children getting drinking water from a creek in Atemo. This is typical of the water sources in Kenya. The water filters we used will make this dirty brown water come out crystal clear.


Gathering of deaconesses, 52 attended our seminar.  We spent time in the Gospel of Luke, and time continuing instructions/preparations on the micro-loan project. Some deaconesses are almost ready to receive loans….more on that later.


While we didn’t have enough water filters for the deaconesses, we wanted to show them how they worked. To say they were excited was an understatement.  Having clean water is essential to good health. I know what I will be trying to get for next year….

Dcs. Naomi and Dcs. Pamela putting together the system.


Dr. Just pouring the newly filtered water for deaconesses.  We made enough for all the deaconesses to fill their water bottles.


Deaconess Caren (the deaconess from the Kawangware slums in Nairobi))


The simplicity of this system was amazing to the deaconesses–who each want one for their families.


Dr. Arthur Just and Pastor David Chuchu


Pamela and driver/good friend, Samwel

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