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Hi, all,

After a 4 day trip to Tanzania, which warrants a post of its own, I am back in Kenya, landing at the new International Kisumu airport. Rev. David Chuchu and driver Samuel were there to greet us. Ah, the joy of landing in a beautiful place I know so well.  My email time is limited because of internet access, but I will do my best to update and let you know what is going on….


Carrie Beth Emard is a young woman from Rocklin, CA (friend of Laura Currey, oops, Laura Mason as of June 29! and Elham Watson), who is helping us with investigate the feasiblity of bringing clean water to Kenya with the Sawyer water filters. She is on the left in the white T-shirt. David Chuchu and family are hosting Carrie in their home. She has a passion for bringing clean water , and subsequent good health, to people in need. She accompanied us on home visits and interviewed people, looked at water conditions, etc.


Carrie with children and Ashur during our visits


Visits in Kisumu with two sisters, JoAnn and Rosalinda, both widows who live together and take care of each other.


The joy of children in Africa!


Caring for a man, John, who has a gaping chest wound and lyphedema (swelling) along his right arm to his hand. He does not know what is wrong since doctors in Kenya don’t seem to tell patients their diagnosis, but it was written in his booklet he brings to and from the clinic: L Breast CA—-which means, probable left breast cancer.  Ok, this requires a longer, more thoughtful post because I cannot just write a snippet about a diagnosis which is terminal in Kenya for lack of resources. But this man was so grateful for the care rendered as I cleaned his wound, talked to him about what might be going on and urged him to ask at the clinic what they had written down and what it means.  He begged us to come back and see him.


Dr. Arthur Just with John! They talked football (soccer) since John was a football coach for years and years.



Water filters in place! So easy to put together and use. We will use one for our drinking water now. Pamela, Linda and David Chuchu.


David Chuchu, Meagan Dooms, Pamela and Carrie. Hand drilling a hole in a plastic bucket for the water filtration system. Amazingly easy!! Even I could put one together. We are leaving one for the Diakonia Compassionate Ministry (DCM) office to use. They will be our spokespersons as we decide how to move forward with this project.



Thoughts running through my mind….

High blood pressure is common here. Taking meds consistenly is not. People take it when they can afford it. Often they have to make a choice between eating and taking their meds. Yesterday, one woman’s blood presure was dangerously high–I would have sent her to the ER at home–we gave money for the clinic and will follow up today. Spending money on pain relievers, blood pressure meds, deworming meds, wound care supplies.

Had Holy Communion on our home visits yesterday which is a first for me in Africa. Pastor Joseph accompanied us so he gave the Eucharist. 

OK, driver will be here soon. We are meeting with Grace Jobita, David Chuchu and Megan Dooms to discuss status of deaconess micro loan project and where we go from here.

Always mercy,


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