Holy Cross at Prayer

The Christian Church is a church at prayer. Prayer is a confession of who we are as the people of God, and it shapes our relationship with God and with one another.

Pentecost Week 21 to the Last Sunday of the Church Year
October 22 – December 2, 2023  
First Sunday in Advent to Epiphany, Series B
December 3 – January 6, 2023  

Why Pray?

It’s a good question. Our lives are busy and frantic, and every day we must make decisions on how to spend our time with our spouses, family, friends, and still find time for our own sanity. So why pray? We pray because God commands it and promises to hear us. Prayer is a conversation God starts in His Word. It is that continual back and forth, hearing and speaking, that makes the Christian life what it is. So this little booklet is designed to teach us to pray in the context of God’s Word. We hope that it serves you and your family well, as we pass on the faith once delivered to the saints.

Who are the People We Pray for?

Each day of the year we pray for a different member from Holy Cross. There is no particular order to the list. We would encourage you to pray for this person, and if you so desire, offer them some encouragement if you see them. This is a part of our building community and understanding who we are as the Body of Christ.

How Does it Work?

This booklet is simple. Each day has one or two pages. Pray the page together as a family. Feel free to stop and ask questions about the meditation and the text if you are with your family or friends. The whole thing should only take a few minutes a day.

Where Else Can I Find These?

Please download the booklet or pick up a printed copy at the church.  May your prayers be enriched by the Word of God