Gratitude and Always Mercy

At Holy Cross, we are blessed by our deaconess. We are so grateful for her service and who she is.

The deaconess, Pamela, shares at Always Mercy and we wanted to let you know of her latest post on December 18.

Always Mercy December 18

Many thanks to you all who gave of yourselves and your resources to support my friend Lorna and her family through her mother’s illness, death, funeral and medical bills. Your prayers, notes, donations move me to tears of joy.  AND all expenses have been covered. 

In addition to being a deaconess, she is a Registered Nurse, and a former Parish Nurse. As a nurse, she brings with her a certain body of knowledge and skills which helps her as she ministers to people in body and soul.  With her experience as a parish nurse, she has tried to see people as God has made them:  body, mind and spirit.  Her visits have included devotion and prayer.  As a deaconess, she continues to carry this out with a deeper theological understanding of the Word and Sacraments, enabling her to better articulate the hope that lies inside all believers and herself.  She points people to the cross of Christ— the source of life, forgiveness, salvation, peace and joy in the midst of sorrows and trials.

You may find her writings and other works, especially in connection with Kenya, at Always Mercy.

You can also Holy Cross at Prayer at

May the Lord be with you.