More photos from Kenya

David Chuchu and office staffer, Linda, putting together the water filter system. so easy!! Pastor Joseph setting up for Holy Communion on a home visit. Pamela at the “chemist shop”.   Dr. Arthur Just making the sign of the cross on Rosa in remembrance of her baptism during a home visit.

clean water

Pastor David Chuchu and Dr. Arthur Just drilling holes in the plastic buckets. The first step of putting together the water filtration system.   See the full gallery on Posterous The finished product at the offices of Diakonia Compassionate Ministries. Linda,on the right is the new purified water expert in Kenya!  It is so easy, …

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Alwaysmercy.posterous.com Kawangware, 27 June 2012 On Tuesday, getting a late start, we met Dcs. Caren at her home in the second slum, Kawangware. There is a difference between these two slums (and I haven’t been to the other slums surrounding Nairobi, including the one close to the main airport, where people basically live in a …

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