Update: As of 6/28, we received another $500 commitment. Total funds raised are at about $1800 with more coming in this week. Our goal is $7,000. We are at 25%, a quarter of the way, thanks for your support.

Would you please prayerfully consider donating to a Special Parament Replacement Fund this year?

In the sanctuary, you will notice the paraments and banner have been changed to green. You will be seeing these green paraments until October 25. The green paraments have been in service at Holy Cross since 1994 and if you really look at them, you can see they are showing their age, faded and slightly worn.

Holy Cross – Season after Pentecost

Paraments, banners, chasubles and stoles are very expensive, and it is challenging to pay for these replacements out of an annual church budget. Since the 2020 pandemic has changed our lives, changed our church and changed the world, most travel plans have been scrapped for this year and possibly into early next year.

As the Altar Guild coordinator, I thought there might be unused 2020 travel funds that could be donated to a Special Parament Replacement Fund if only our parishioners knew about the need for replacing the green paraments. The financial need for the paraments is in the range of $6,000-to-$7,000 as replacing the green paraments also includes replacing the pastor’s chasuble, two stoles, chalice veil and burse.

Thank you.

If you are interested in contributing to this special parament fund, your check should be made payable to Holy Cross, designating Parament Fund in the memo line.

Jeanne Schubring

Altar Guild Coordinator

Phone (916) 205-7971

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