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Senior Pastor Todd A. Peperkorn

Pastor Todd A. Peperkorn has served as the senior pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church since August 2011.  Todd also serves as the chairman of the Board of Regents of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. He has served on the Board of Regents since 2015, and was reelected at the 2019 Synodical Convention in Tampa. He is a speaker, author, and one of the founding pastors of Higher Things.  In January 2020, he presented at the 35th Annual Symposium on Exegetical Theology Symposium in Fort Wayne, Indiana on The Splintering of Missouri: How our American Context Gave Rise to Micro-Synods as a Solution to Theological Conflict.

Todd Arthur Peperkorn was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1970, the first of four children born to Dennis and Susan (nee Troy) Peperkorn. He was baptized at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Julesburg, Colorado and confirmed at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Missouri.

Todd attended Concordia Teachers’ College in Seward, Nebraska, and completed the degree of Bachelor of Arts in pre-seminary studies and history in 1992. While attending Concordia, Todd was active in competitive speech and the A Cappella Choir, which included two tours of Germany and Austria.

After matriculating at Concordia Theological Seminary in 1992, Todd became active in the Seminary Kantorei and student government. He served as publications chairman for one year, which included the editing of the first two of the Concordia Student Monograph Series. His fourth year, he was the President of the Student Association and the Sacristan of Kramer Chapel. Todd completed his Master of Divinity in May 1996, and completed the Master of Sacred Theology in May of 1999. His thesis title was, “The Use of C. F. W. Walther’s Kirche und Amt in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod to 1947.” Pr. Peperkorn received an award of commendation for an article based on his work published in the October 2001 issue of Concordia Theological Quarterly. The award was given by the Concordia Historical Institute.

Pr. Peperkorn worked in the Admission Office of Concordia Theological Seminary, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from June of 1996 until September of 1999. His work in the Admission Office included traveling around the country encouraging men to study to become pastors, beginning a program for parish pastors called Project Andrew, teaching at the Christ Academy, and teaching an introduction to worship class for an organist workshop.

In September 1999, he was installed as pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church in Kenosha, WI. In addition to his duties at Messiah Lutheran Church, Pr. Peperkorn served as the Publications Executive and the editor of Higher Things:Dare to Be Lutheran from 2001-2006. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Concordia University Wisconsin, and at Concordia Theological Seminary.

In 1995 Todd married Kathryn nee Brandt of Dallas, Texas. Kathryn has taught music at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and taught voice lessons at Indiana-Purdue University – Fort Wayne until May 1999. A professional singer, Kathryn currently teaches voice lessons out of their home, and teaches music at Natomas Charter School. She is also the principal soloist on a CD released, entitled On My Heart Imprint Your Image, and a second CD entitled Hark The Glad Sound.

Todd and Kathryn have three daughters: Renata Lilly, born in 2001 and reborn in Holy Baptism on February 18, 2001, and Isabella Marie, born in 2003 and reborn in Holy Baptism on July 6, 2003. They have one son, Richard Edmund, born in 2006 and reborn in Holy Baptism on March 26, 2006. Their fourth child, Beata Susan, was born in 2008 and reborn in Holy Baptism on January 17, 2008.


  1. GreenTea

    I just read your book on the LCMS web site and though I am not a pastor, it helped me so much. It is helping me cope with my issue that I have been having for over 10 onths now. Thank you. As always, if you would, I could use some prayers. I was surprised to even be able to read it. I usually cannot read, especially in the morning, but I was able to read your book. I believe God lead me to read it.

  2. robert winkler

    May God bless you for your faith thru difficulties

  3. Donna

    Can you provide me with a resource that says how to go about getting evaluated for depression and how to find a Christian counselor? Not sure where to start. Thanks!

  4. Todd Peperkorn

    I would start with going to your family doctor and asking if he has any recommendations. Your GP can probably do an initial diagnosis. Start there.

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