Church Music

Holy Cross Lutheran Church is blessed by a rich and active musical life. Music, as Dr. Luther said, is the “handmaiden of theology.” Since its inception in 1989, Holy Cross has utilized the talents of many different people in service of Christ’s Church and for the adornment of our services.

Bedient Organ, Opus 67

The organ was built by the Bedient Pipe Organ Company, and installed at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in 2000.
Here are a couple links about the Bedient Organ:

Bosch, Opus 518

In December of 2020, Holy Cross Lutheran Church purchased an organ from a congregation in Seattle, Washington. We have received the organ, and are now in the process of determining how to best retro-fit our sanctuary for the instrument. The instrument consists of 12 stops, 16 ranks, and 872 pipes, including an enclosed Swell division, and there are provisions for expansion.

Here are a couple links about the instrument: