Welcome to Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Through worship, Christian education, and fellowship, we live and work as God’s family, sharing His Word, love and mercy with each other and the world.

A home for sinners.
A place for the wounded.
A light in the darkness.
A refuge for the weary.

This Sunday, August 9, 2020 Holy Cross will hold in-person outdoor services Sundays at 9am in Rocklin. Please register – Register for Services to help with our planning.

Our services will also be available on Facebook and this website.

You can view our August 2, 2020 service on YouTube.

Outdoor Divine Service – August 2, 2020

To view our most recent services, please visit https://holycrossrocklin.org/holycrossrecentservices/

On Sundays, our service will be broadcast live on Facebook at 9am at https://www.facebook.com/holycrossrocklin/live. After the service is completed, we ‘ll add the video to YouTube.

On our Holy Cross YouTube channel, we have videos of our services, bible studies, Prayer devotionals and special music. Please subscribe to get notifications. May the Lord be with you.

Please follow the link below for most current updates for the Church and Academy